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Seattle Mariners Rebuild: Will it work? Only time will tell.

By: Manny Soloway (@_MLBNEWS18)

The Seattle Mariners are full rebuild mode this year after trading away Robinson Cano, Edwin Diaz, James Paxton, Jean Segura, and some talented relievers. A lot of people are probably surprised by this. The Mariners won 89 games last year. They, for some time, were in serious contention for a playoff berth. In the end, though, the Mariners were only able to get to 3rd in a tough AL West, which included the Athletics and the Astros. The Mariners were seriously over-performers and probably only should have been an 80 win team. The Mariners are in a tough position. This rebuild was probably the right thing to do. Don’t get me wrong, the Mariners have some serious talent in Mitch Haniger. Plus Dee Gordon is still on the Mariners, only 30 years old, and could be a serious building block for a big trade or could be the piece the Mariners need to lead them to a playoff berth soon. Let’s get one thing straight the Mariners are not done. One person that almost definitely will get traded is Kyle Seager. Seager is 31 and has only once hit above .270 once, in 2016. Besides that 2016 campaign he really hasn't been more than an average hitter. He clearly is not the best fit for the Mariners and a Seager trade is inevitable. On the pitching side of things though, trades could become very interesting. The Mariners actually had a very good bullpen. The Mariners may no longer have Edwin Diaz or Alex Colome but James Pazos is another top-tier reliever that the Mariners could look to trade or build off. Pazos is only 27 years old and has only two full major league seasons under his belt. Pazos had a 3.86 ERA in 59 games last year and this year pitched even better: he played in 60 games and posted a 2.88 ERA. and in his career with the Mariners, he’s only allowed 39 earned runs in more than 100 IP. The Mariners have a lot of options and if they play their cards right they can probably win at least 75 games next year. The future for the Mariners is bright. The question only remains, can the Mariners develop these players into top-tier players or are we going to look back in a couple of years and realize that these deals were total busts.

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