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The State of the Arizona Diamondbacks

by Chris Sumner

The Arizona Diamondbacks are a team that has been in an area between rebuilding and competing for a title. The grey area started in 2016, the fans thought the rebuild was over. Then A. J. Pollock broke his arm in spring training. Shelby Miller ended up under performing, and we had just traded the first pick in the draft a few years earlier, Dansby Swanson. It was the start of a new era of baseball in Phoenix for the fans of the Arizona Diamondbacks, or so we thought. This was also Zack Greinke’s first season as a Diamondback. It was a mediocre season, but it was his first season on a brand-new team. He has gotten better as he has spent more time as a Diamondback. Even though now many rumors about whether or not he is getting traded are out there. 2017 we had low expectations. But this season the team surpassed almost all the expectations the fans had. We won over 90 games. Flipping our record from 2016. We won home field advantage in the wild card game, we played a division rival in the Rockies. It was an amazing game and the Dbacks came out on top. Thanks to a triple by Archie Bradley and a fire powered offence that was ready to score runs. Sadly they used up all their runs and ended up getting swept by the Dodgers in the NLDS. Even though it was a disappointing finish, we were able to go farther than anyone had ever expected and had extremely high hopes for what the team would do in the future 2018 season. The season started off amazing, the team couldn't do anything wrong for the first month. Then it seemed as if every other month their quality of play would fall off a cliff. But they were still able to keep it up and lead the division at the start of every single month. Up until September in which they completely fell apart and with their quality of play fell out of the playoffs and had to watch it on their couches.They have already lost Patrick Corbin to the Nationals through free agency. It is only a matter of time until A. J. Pollock finds a new home outside of the desert. Some endless trade rumors for our star players have been the face of our franchise for years, have been circling. These players include Paul Goldschmidt and Zack Greinke. Now it would be sad to see these players go, but it is a necessary evil in our rebuild for a championship in the coming years. We also have a relatively bad farm system and could use prospects at most positions. We do have some good players that will be with us for years, Ketel Marte and David Peralta just to name a few. Eduardo Escobar just got resigned after a midseason trade with the Twins. These players alone aren't capable of doing much in the run for a championship, and will need help from prospects they will inevitably get when they begin their rebuild. There are many great prospects that championship hopeful teams will dish out for super star players in their push for a championship. Teams like the Yankees, Astros, and many others have budding farm systems and are all willing to trade their prospects in which we need. Preferably it would be nice if these prospects were pitching. Currently, we do not have many top prospects that pitch, or top prospects that okay anywhere for that matter. Though no one, especially me, wants to see these players go, it is most likely our only chance at winning a title. Odds are after losing key pieces from our 2016 team we will not have another season that is a fluke and surprisingly make the playoffs. For one I wish that was, the case but it is extremely unlikely that another great 90 win season will happen for the Dbacks in the next two or three years. The ownership is trying rebranding the team into a team that looks, and feels like more of a winning team. With the release of new jerseys and colors as a part of the team revitalization. Bringing back teal to have an older feel from our first few years. They are also trying getting money from Phoenix to renovate their stadium or even maybe get a new one. These are all steps that ownership and the front office think might help the team in recruiting free agents and make the team have more of a national presence in the world of baseball. Many teams around the league are also taking steps like this, such as the Marlins releasing new jerseys, hats, and colors in their "Our Colores" campaign after trading two MVP players and almost anyone with enough value to collect prospects. Derek Jeter the new owner is throwing all these things together to help make the Marlins halfway relevant again. They also hope to bring in more fans to their stadium, and hopefully the Dbacks attendance never drops to the level that the Marlins have reached. Now every team has gone through rebuilds, rebranding, and other things. In fact it took the Cubs over 100 years to finally have a successful rebuild. Even though no team will probably ever reach a world series drought, this long it shows you that teams know what they're doing. Fans need patience and need to know that if the ownership and front office didn't know what they were doing they wouldn't own a baseball team.Even though every team and owner make extremely questionable decisions that don't make sense to the fans. The Diamondbacks were within reach of a World Series but didn't have enough talent. They couldn't reach the peak of the baseball world and now are entering a rebuild. Eventually, they will repeat what they did way back in 2001. They will win the World Series with a consistently good team and win the trophy and contend for many years. Instead of a team that makes a wild card spot one year and completely miss the playoffs the next year. The entire Diamondbacks organization is just trying doing what's right for the team even if the fans don't like it. Even if it means trading Paul Goldschmidt, Zack Greinke and other pieces of the team. Even though they may have seemed like a contender this season they weren't there and they need a rebuild. Although they will make most of the fan base, mad, loyal fans will stick with the team even if they aren't great in the next few years. They will still be in the stadium, buy their merchandise and follow the team when they get a chance. Because every team goes through this and needs it to happen as not every team can contend every year or even make the playoffs. For example look at the Padres, they are also struggling to not be last in the division and win games to make the playoffs. *Paul Goldschmidt has since been traded to the St. Louis Cardinals in exchange for Luke Weaver, Carson Kelly, Andy Young, and a compensatory 2019 draft pick*

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